Veercare Enterprises LLP (VEL Global) is a gateway firm supporting our clients from 20 years to explore global business opportunities broadly in the fields of Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Safety Equipments, Food & Beverages, Educational Goods & Power Sector.

Veercare Enterprise LLP

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To be the go-to partner for customers who are looking for highest quality turnkey services for exploration of global business, with a purpose of actively uplifting the global business community.


Veercare is a global growth solutions firm wanting to provide Products & Growth Consulting services which create sustainable value for our clients.


Value Creation

Highest Quality

Transparency & Honesty

Timely Deliverance

Community Growth




VEL Global provides solutions to our clients on multiple value-chain touchpoints. Our expertise is in:

 Sourcing of Global Projects  We actively research on available business opportunities in the developing nations around the world. We vet them out and propose them to our clients in India, subsequently supporting them throughout the transaction.

Outsourcing – We are committed to expand the capabilities of our Indian company clients and equip them to provide one-stop solutions to their foreign clients. To close the loop, VEL global also provides Outsourcing services for manufacturing and/or R&D of certain specific chemical and pharmaceutical drugs, formulations & other product innovations.


Regulatory & Legal Assistance – In our 20 years of experience, we have provided many regulatory, process & legal certifications like WHO, GMP, US FDA, EU GMP, PICs and other country specific approvals to many of our clients.


Commitment to Community – Our biggest motivation to establish VEL Global was to give back to the global community whatever skill-sets and knowledge we are acquiring. We ensure that every project we undertake, there is sustainable value to be had by our clients and host of repetitive clients are proof of that philosophy.


Domain Expertise – We know how to effectively leverage our knowledge and skill-sets for the benefit of our clients. With VEL Global by their side, our clients can be rest assured of closing the loop of turnkey solutions.

Background - We have a client in Vadodara, India who manufactures a range of cold chain products. We sourced a requirement for him from a Pharmaceutical manufacturer in Ghana for a customized product relating to cooling solution.


The Requirement – A customized cold storage device which required special temperature based parameters, developed for a particular pharma application.


The Result – We did the following for our manufacturing client in India:

  • Sourced the requirement which was ideal for the client company’s profile

  • Supported him technically to develop the product

  • Dealt with the African buyer company with regards to contracts, requirement gathering & analysis & other legal procedures

  • Provided logistics & insurance solutions to the client through our third-party vendor tie-up’s.

  • Documentation

  • Closing of deal




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